2019 Anyta Sunday preview… Happy New Year! 🎆 🎇

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2019 Anyta Sunday preview… Happy New Year! 🎆 🎇

Happy New Year to all of you!

I wish all my friends, readers, and fellow writers all the best for 2019: success, health, love… and everything else you wish for yourselves!

As in the last years, I’ve used these slow days between Christmas and the new year for some reflection and planning, and I can’t wait to share all the stories in my head with you 🙂

What else I can’t wait for are more books, series and music in my life… while there’s too many to mention, just one book, series and album that makes me giggly in anticipation…

BOOK: Heartsong (Green Creek #3), by TJ Klune
TJ is the master of storytelling. I love everything he writes, his stories are imaginative, romantic, absorbing. Wolfsong was one of my favorite books, Ravensong stole my heart, I’m actually nervous what Heartsong is going to do to me.

SERIES: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season 3 (Netflix)
I loved the books as a child, and this series has been the most imaginative serial I’ve seen in years. Wonderful to watch with my 9yr old, I can’t wait to see it come to conclusion. And I’ll never get enough of Neil Patrick Harris singing that title song!

ALBUM: Norman Fucking Rockwell, by Lana Del Rey
Perfectly suited to writing scenes of longing and heartbreak, Lana Del Rey has been part of my soundtrack for years (especially Born To Die). Can’t wait to hear what the next one brings!

So what about you guys? Any media you’re particularly looking forward to in 2019?

Thank you for being along for the ride, and for reading my stories!
Happy New Year!

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