OUT TODAY: “How to Love” books #1 & #2 😍😘

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Two romantic comedies with guys learning How to Love 💖💓💘

OUT TODAY: not one, but two sexy romantic comedies – a bit of cheek to cheer you up in these crazy times. One’s a re-release, the newly-edited novella “How to Steal a Heart in 500 Kisses“, the other’s a brand-new novel: “How to Evict a Hot Jock in Three Weeks“. Both are fun, light-hearted romps that should have you smiling in no time.

Both are available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited!

“. . . Five hundred kisses are all it takes to steal a heart.”

Chris Montgomery doesn’t believe it, and he’d know. He’s met— and had— many a man. None of whom he’d want to share five hundred kisses with. If you don’t like someone, you just don’t like them. End of story.
No amount of kissing will change that.

Dylan Halsworth doesn’t believe it either. But Chris and his arrogant, always right, dare I be wrong attitude has Dylan challenging him to try it. And who knows, maybe watching his most loathed neighbor suffer through five hundred kisses with the same man is worth it. He’d sit back, crack open a Mountain Dew, and have a good laugh. . .

But. . . shit. . . there is one slight snag in his plan.

Chris has chosen Dylan with whom to prove his point. . .

“How to Steal a Heart in 500 Kisses” is out November 30th!


Let’s list all the reasons why Logan Stone is the worst roommate for Alexander Kress to share his beloved house with.
🐀 loves possum (over-sized rodent) for dinner
🐛 keeps worms in the fridge and hunts fishes with a spear
🚚 thinks monster trucks are theatre
😉 is clearly hiding something behind that twinkle in his eye

Plus he’s straight—and sexy. And Alexander needs to stop shivering.


Logan couldn’t have scripted it better.
Just one more day of obnoxious shenanigans and Alexander would evict his method-acting ass. Except, maybe he needs two days. Maybe a few more—
What is this man made of?
It’s almost like . . .
Shit. The cute curator knows what he’s up to. But he doesn’t know Logan knows he knows . . .
Wait. Back up. Did he just say cute?

“How To Evict A Hot Jock in Three Weeks” is a stand-alone opposites attract, hero-in-disguise, bisexual realization rom-com.
Out now!

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