I love fairy tales, both original and retellings, and that is where my idea for The Compass came from. A world where all these amazing fairy tales could live and breathe with some of my own little twists . . .
Of course, these novellas can be read as standalones, too. Each one features new heroes and the journey they go on to reach their happy ending. Enjoy diving into the world of “The Compass”!

Novellas set in the world of The Compass:

The Knight & The Prince


Forced into an involuntary engagement, Prince Corinth of the North disguises himself and flees to the forbidden city of Evermort to enjoy the last of his freedom. Though a dangerous venture–as Northerners are usually welcomed with the end of a sharp sword–it’s worth the risk for a night of true liberation . . . and to vex his father.

After losing half his men in a violent battle at the border of the North and South kingdoms, Sir Axle of the South seeks to drown his sorrows at the bottom of a tankard of beer. He hates Northerners for their cruel and obnoxious ways, hates them for taking his people as slaves to work the mines, hates them for the murderers they are.
His motto: Meet a Northerner, and unsheathe your sword.

And when a cloaked Northerner enters his tavern, unsheathe his sword Axle does . . .

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The Knight & The Red Cloak



After three knights and three failed tries, Sir Rowan Wolf sets of into the kingdom of the West to learn two things: why King Maas is in a hurry to marry into the royal family of the West; and who keeps drugging his men and sending them back down the river.

Noel, dressed in his late father’s red cloak, is asked by the king to keep him in hiding and perform one task, a task that Noel wishes he could refuse. But doing so would condemn his kingdom to King Maas’s vicious hand.

No choice but to prepare a potion that will kill the king of the West, Noel hunts for ingredients in the deep, dark woods. Woods Noel thinks he knows like the back of his hand . . . until he meets a Wolf that leads him astray.

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The Knight & The Bandit



For the last ten years, Sir Rumple Stilz of the East has been working for Northern King Maas in order to search the mines for Sven, the boy he once failed to protect. When his loyalty comes into question, King Maas threatens the lives of the three people Rumple cares for most: weapons master Vider, and twin boys Danny and Jonathan.

 To save his friends, Rumple must prove his allegiance to the Northern king by bringing to him the lone bandit that attacked the royal carriage in Treacle Wood. With no way for Rumple to fake the bandit’s death as he’s done in the past, he has no choice but to go against his principles and sacrifice one man for the sake of three. A tough decision, but he will not fail his friends like he did Sven . . .

But what will he do when he discovers that the lone bandit is the same man Rumple has been searching for?

The man Rumple cannot forget?

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***This fairy tale contains explicit gay sex scenes, bloody violence, and a happy end***


The Knight & The Beast




Keeper of the Needle. Scarred both inside and out.

Hideous. Heartless.

He protects the Heart of the Needle by banishing any and all trespassers to the dungeons . . .


Unskilled knight of The Compass and keeper of hounds. He’s lonely, but cares deeply—especially toward his hounds Colby and Vixen.

When Vixen chases a cat into a house unannounced—a house with mysterious tunnels that lead into the Needle—Louis is left little choice but to follow.

But stepping over that threshold will change his life forever . . .

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Captain Bjorn


Aaron will do anything to save his family from being thrown out of their home. Anything. By day, he sings his throat raw busking, and by night, he uses his coin to gamble–cheat–wealthy men at the pier tavern.

It looks like he might succeed too . . . until he bets against pirates. Soon, Aaron finds himself indebted to two men—a pirate prince with a sinister smile and more sinister secrets; and Captain Bjorn, whose deep brown eyes and disarming smile make sinister seem . . . sweet.

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