“Ora Mi Noti?” – Italian translation of “Noticed Me Yet?” is now available!

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“Ora Mi Noti?” – Italian translation of “Noticed Me Yet?” is now available!

My novella “Noticed Me Yet” has been translated into Italian by Laura Di Berardino of Triskell Translation Services, and it’s called “Ora Mi Noti?”

Next German book out: “Verzettelt”

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Next German book out: “Verzettelt”

The German bookshelf is growing! Thanks to the lovely Sunne Manello, the translation of my novella “Noticed Me Yet” is now also out in German, and it’s called “Verzettelt“.

“500 Kisses” (second edition) out now

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“500 Kisses” (second edition) out now

This story was originally written as part of the Goodreads “Love’s Landscapes” anthology, 2014. This second edition has new scenes, scene expansions, scene alterations, a revised ending, reformatting, and–thanks, Natasha!–a new cover. Big thanks to all those involved in both its original and second edition developments.

“Bird Meets Cage” now out in paperback

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My contribution to last year’s “Love’s Landscapes” anthology, “Bird Meets Cage”, is now also out as a nice little paperback. I’m really happy how it brings out that great cover art. Hope you enjoy:)

Bird Meets Cage – Free Read!

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My second entry in the Love’s Landscape anthology, Bird Meets Cage, is now available as a free read – check it out here! This is a historic gay novella set in the circus of the 1940s and 1960s. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Bird Meets Cage — Cover Reveal . . .

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    I’m giddy with glee. I just love what Natasha Snow did with this cover that she designed for my Love’s Landscapes novella! This is one very talent designer, and if you’re looking for a cover that has that special artistic touch, she’s wonderful to work with! She really nailed the feel of the […]

500 Kisses to Steal a Heart

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  “Five hundred kisses are all it takes to steal a heart.”   Chris Montgomery doesn’t believe it, and he’d know. He’s met— and had— many a man. None of whom he’d want to share five hundred kisses with. If you don’t like someone, you just don’t like them. End of story. No amount of […]

The Douglas Fir – season fave at Piper Vaughn

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Over at Piper Vaughn there’s a neat list of holiday-themed romances. And I’m very happy The Douglas Fir has made the list as one of the “Faves of the Season”!

A Fir Lined Christmas . . .

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(Oh hell, I admit it: I’m addicted to puns. Seriously, it aches in the blood to write them.) * * * Goodness, yes, but it’s that time of year again. Christmas. It seems to come around quicker and quicker every year. . . . When it’s dark and cold, rainy and generally miserable though, it’s […]

DJ Dangerfield

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“. . . and you’re listening to 91.3 FM.” Justin knows three things for sure about DJ Dangerfield: He has some questionable taste in music. He always provokes Justin into ringing in. And he might just be his favorite weekly distraction. But who is this DJ Dangerfield in Real Life? And will Justin like him […]