Two short stories in Wayward Ink Publishing’s upcoming anthologies

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I am very excited to have a couple of short stories (“Hearts” and “It could be you”) included in the first two anthologies by Wayward Ink Publishing, the new boutique GLBT publishing house started by Lily Velden and Andrew Q. Gordon. Check out their cool new website!

Wicked in the Woods

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A Guardian of the Angels spin-off short story. This is part 1 of 4 – 5 that will give us a snippet of Leah’s life before she arrives to Washington DC and is betrothed to Attic. Set in the early to mid 1800’s in rural Europe near the Black Forest. Wicked in the Woods (Leah’s […]

Shoe Thief

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SHOE THIEF I needed to tell him, it was time. Well, it’d been time for over a year. Guess it was really, really time. You can do it, Rex. But with every step over the crunchy gravel toward the moon-spotlighted cabin, my bravado sunk. You could still try to do it. Or just hint at […]

Sunnyside Up

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Sunnyside Up The egg in my hand is smooth and warm from holding it, the carton at our feet almost empty. “Look, she’s coming, aim for the driver’s door when she opens.” “We should stop,” I say. But all I get is a snort in response. The car locks slide with a beep as Lotte […]

Last Kiss

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LAST KISS They take our kisses to power the city. When I was thirteen, they’d only needed three a day. At fourteen, ten. And at fifteen, twenty. Now they want to take them all. “. . . into effect 2400 hours.” After the announcement, the radio switches to jazz. I pull at the metal Klacks […]


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Promise Salt water rushed into my mouth. The sea fought against me, choppy, cold. Treading water, one mile out from the peninsula, I coughed and cleared my lungs. It seemed nothing wanted me to get to the island, the lighthouse, to Lucas.