Sunday Musings #8 – Writing towards scenes vs. word count

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Keeping track of word count helps you stay focused, but finished scenes are the real target. I reveal my hybrid approach including outlining & writing!

Sunday Musings #7 – Give your scenes VIGORR!

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Breaking down the story further into its building blocks – scenes! What makes them great, and what gives them VIGORR – including a free work sheet for download.

Sunday Musings #6 – The power of perseverance, and how to deal with imperfection

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Diving into the psychology of perseverance and grit, this week’s post shows what’s most important for great writing. Hint: it’s not talent.

Sunday Musings #5 – The practical guide to outlining

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Hey guys, And finally we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of outlining! How to do it, which tools to use & where to start. Make sure you check out last week’s post on story structure for an overview of the hero’s journey and the arc structure of a story. And now… let’s outline! Outlining – creating […]

Sunday Musings #4 – Story structure

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Sunday Musings #4 – Story structure

Session #4 – give your story structure: the hero’s journey through acts and character arcs. An overview where to start with your story outline!

Sunday Musings #3 – Writing in November: make the most of NaNoWriMo to boost your word count

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Session #3 – using NaNoWriMo as part of your writing system, for new works as well as ongoing Work-In-Progress. Also: NaNo pitfalls & how to deal with them.

Sunday Musings #2 – Creating a writing system

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Session #2 – setting up a writing system that works, making daily writing a habit & finding time to write under the pressures of every day life.

Sunday Musings #1 – Where to start writing…

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As some of you might know, I’ve been in the writing game seriously for about seven and a half years now. Pretty much exactly my son’s age – his birth really gave me the needed kick in the butt to give writing a proper go. And I really couldn’t imagine it any other way by […]