Coming soon: “Marc Jillson & The Gazebo”, the sequel to the contemporary Gay Romance “Liam Davis & The Raven”!

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Dear readers,

This truly is a difficult time, and it’ll probably stay like that for a while. Over here it’s day 20 of family quarantine, and so far we haven’t driven each other up the walls (yet). I’m just grateful for all the people keeping society going while we’re staying inside. THANK YOU!
As always, I’m trying to keep the writing up – and I’ve got a very first teaser of a book I’ve been working on in these crazy times, and I really hope it will entertain and bring a bit of happiness.

This book follows up an old favourite of mine I wrote after living for a year and half in Pittburgh, PA in 2011/12: Liam Davis & The Raven. Ever since, many readers have asked to read the story of Hunter.

And exactly this book is coming soon: Marc Jillson & The Gazebo! The story brings back the student paper, The Scribe, and all the characters you met in “Liam Davis”.
When a former jackass college student pairs with his online friend, a photographer, to write articles to save the historic Lover’s Loop gazebo, he uncovers the story of two Vietnam-era lovers distanced by war and past transgressions, and learns how to navigate his own growing romantic feelings.

I am very excited to share more of this story over the coming weeks, and am hoping for a release in late Spring. But before that, you might want to start with its predecessor, “Liam Davis & the Raven”, which is FREE THIS WEEK!

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