Locked (Telluric Realm Book 1) – First peek & Pre-order

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Locked (Telluric Realm Book 1) – First peek & Pre-order

So… here it is. The project I’ve been working on for the past year. The start to an epic fantasy series. Set in a world I hope you will fall in love with like I did.

And it is called… *Drumroll* – Locked. The first book set in the kingdoms of the Telluric Realm. Available now for pre-order on Amazon, and out officially April 26th 2016.

And to give you an idea of this wonderful land, I’d like to share a map with you today. This map–drawn by the lovely Maria Gandolfo (Renflowergrapx)–will also be available on a special website, along with a lot of other materials – but more about that later!

Telluric Map BOOK

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