Meet Zane from “Pisces Floors Taurus”!

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Pisces Floors Taurus“, a sexy short story with Zane and Beckett from “Signs of Love” #4, “Pisces Hooks Taurus”, is out now! If you haven’t met Zane yet, let me introduce this dreamy and flirty Pisces to you!

~ ~ ~

My dear Zane… so romantic, so cheerful, and so full of life! A passionate and caring Pisces, you are looking for true connections in your life. Friendship or love – you’re always all in. You’re not looking just for love, but for true love, something that cannot be learned but just happens at first sight. Your friends and partners can fully count on you, and often you put their needs before your own.

Funny and witty, you like to talk, even if you sometimes don’t really know what you’re talking about. But when you’re dead wrong, you don’t mind laughing about yourself. Tolstoy or Toy Story. Is there really a difference?

You are a very visual person, and love to express yourself in your art. Like your relationships, your art is full of emotion. When you’re drawing and writing, you’re pouring your heart out on the page. Art comes first, and money is only an afterthought for you. You do want to achieve success, but on your own terms. Sometimes, you’ll need a bit of a push from a friend to trust yourself enough to face new challenges.

With your head in the clouds and many stories in your mind, you sometimes come across dreamy and aloof. Your perfect partner is someone who can bring you back down to earth and give you a grounding. Someone who can teach you that some things take more work, relationships blossom with care and sparks on first sight are not the only sign of love. In return, you brighten the days of your partner and your infectious enthusiasm might just give them renewed faith in romance.

So, Pisces, don’t bite at every hook thrown at you – it may take a bit longer until the right bait lands in front of you.

~ ~ ~

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