Signs of Love #5

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Prepare to dip your toe into the biggest adventure of your life, Cancer. There’s romance in the air, and it smells deliciously salty.

Dumped by the fifth girl in two years and abandoned by his best friends, Reid Glover is alone and in need of a home.
Desperate, he interviews to become a live-in manny aboard widowed Sullivan Bell’s yacht, the Aquarian.
The job? Not to look after thirteen-year-old Joanna. No, this child-mastermind needs Reid to befriend her dad, urge him to participate more in family life, encourage him to date, oh, and become his closest confidant and help him unleash his bottled emotions.
No pressure.
At least he’s not entirely out of his depth.
Okay, so he may have a slight aversion to the ocean. And possibly attract more than his fair share of misadventure.
But he is a pro at crying.
Watch out, Sullivan. Reid is on his way with a family-sized carton of tissues. He will help Sullivan through his fears. Will help him find love again.
Will absolutely not fall for him in the process . . .

Caution, Cancer, how long will you fool yourself?

~ ~ ~

Reid glanced across the room where Sullivan stood at the door. He jerked with recognition. Holy shit, the demigod from the café.
Reid’s whole body goosebumped at the coincidence. Like, crazy synapses-frying goosebumps. So goosebumpy that it felt bigger than a coincidence—like the stars had lined up. Like something in his life was about to change.

~ ~ ~

Cancer Ships Aquarius (Signs of Love #5) is an MM opposites-attract romantic comedy featuring a misadventure prone manny and a blunt widower.
More wit, banter and bad puns – and even more heart-stopping slow burn!
Can be read as a standalone.


“Reading Cancer Ships Aquarius is an interactive experience, with weeping one minute, laughing hysterically the next, and then getting all hot and bothered. […] Cancer Ships Aquarius is the fifth standalone novel in the Signs of Love series, and though they’re all quite good, I think this is the best yet. This was a five heart/star read for me. It has all the feels. All the warm and fuzzy feels.” – Love Bytes Reviews (5/5 stars)

“Classic Anyta Sunday slow burn, age gap, fun mentions and little cameos of couples from previous books, some hilarious antics, and an epic, swoony ending. Can’t go wrong with any of that!” – The Novel Approach Reviews

“When Anyta Sunday promises you a slow burn romance, she more than lives up to that promise. Seriously, no one does this particular trope as well as Sunday does.” – Dog-Eared Daydreams (5/5 stars)

“If you want a masterclass on how to write a slow burn romance with a clueless MC who is adorably oblivious to the effect he has on the other man, this is it.
Packed full of all the deliciousness you’d expect in this quite brilliant series from Anyta, this is probably my second favourite in the series now following book four.” – Mirrigold: Mutterings & Musings (5/5 stars)

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Cover art: Natasha Snow

Line edit: Heather at HJS Editing
Proofread: Lynda Lamb

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