enemies to lovers

A gay romance “enemies to lovers” story of two guys getting a second chance at love.

Each book in the “Enemies to Lovers” series can be read as a stand-alone and in any order.

Enemies to Lovers – Book Two

Other than his most prized Lamborghini, Karl Andrews has nothing to his name. He’s down on his luck and his dollar, and his dream of becoming a professional chef is looking more and more like a pipedream. Even less than a pipedream when restaurants won’t even take him on as a waiter.
And he won’t ever, no not ever, consider selling his one possession. No matter how much he could make from it. Just wasn’t going to happen.
He’d rather . . . rather . . .
Hell, he’d rather apply for that position to be a Girl Friday.

Until he goes to the interview and discovers the man looking for the help is the same man he’d bullied, mocked, terrified as a boy. But Paul Hyte is obviously a better man, gracious and forgiving.
But things are tentative between Karl and Paul, and they’ve both got to reconcile their pasts if they want any type of proper closure. As the two men learn more about each other an undeniable attraction grows between them-but can the two manage to forge a future together on such a rocky past and complicated present?

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Cover art: Natasha Snow
Line edit: Lynda Lamb

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