🆕🆕🆕 Signs of Love news: SoL 5 pairing reveal, and new 🇮🇹Italian and 🇪🇸Spanish translations!

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It’s time for “Signs of Love” news! Recently, I was a guest on the Big Gay Fiction Podcast’s 3rd anniversary episode (you can catch it here if you haven’t listened to it yet!) and in this episode, I revealed the star sign pairing for “Signs of Love #5” (coming late 2019)…
The pairing in the fifth book of this series will be…

Cancer and Aquarius!

While SoL 5 will be out later in 2019, my Italian and Spanish readers have something to look forward to in time for Christmas! On December 15th, “Il Gemelli si tiene stretto il Capricorno” (the Italian translation of “Gemini Keeps Capricorn”, SoL 3) and “Leo quiere a Aries” (the Spanish translation of SoL 1, “Leo Loves Aries”) will be out!

Gorgeous covers by Natasha Snow, and gorgeous translation by Eloriee and Virginia Cavanillas – what’s not to like?

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