Star sign book recommendations: Gemini and Capricorn

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Star sign book recommendations: Gemini and Capricorn

Not much longer, and you get to meet Wesley and Lloyd, the guys from the upcoming gay romance “Gemini Keeps Capricorn” (Out December 18th!). To tide you over the last days, check out my book recommendations for their star signs below!

Gemini star sign

Curious, affectionate and fantastically flirty, you are so much fun to be around, Gemini! With your quick wit and need for entertainment, you enjoy romances that either make you think and philosophize, or romances that are quick light-hearted reads. A bit of both worlds works wonders for you. Also, quirky side-characters can really elevate a book for you!
My book pick for you: The Lightning Struck Heart, by TJ Klune

Capricorn star sign

A discerning reader. Capricorn, it’s not easy for a romance book to win your heart. When one does, though, you will likely reread it over and over. You like characters that share experiences from your own life and you appreciate when the love interest shows their love through actions rather than words. Romance books can be quiet and subtle, their power coming from an understated narrative.
My book pick for you: Arrows Through Archer, by Nash Summers

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